Star Trek XI

As we know, “Band of Brothers” scribe Erik Jendresen has done a deal with Paramount to write an eleventh Star Trek film which for the first time in history which will feature a whole new cast to be introduced on the big screen.

i dont find somethink about this, so sorry if this was postet before

what du you think about this…

Sir Ulli

Sounds interesting Ulli. Startrek with a bit of added bite :slight_smile:

If so why isn’t it on

Men’t to be 2007 release

But I don’t know how i’ll take to it… seems odd doing one that pre-dates Kirk :confused:

If it’s THAT far back wouldn’t it be Earth Trek? I mean they wouldn’t have warp drive yet if it’s as far before Kirk as it says surely?

sorry to avoid confusion :wink:

I men’t the release of the Film is men’t to be 2007

But the theme is men’t to be in the year’s before Kirk

Hmm bit like Enterprise then.

look how that turned out.

I wasn’t reponding to the date you said, which was clear enough, but the article linkled above where the fella is quoted as saying “…We’re going 160-odd years before Kirk is born…” Which would be WELL before Enterprise even!

Classic Star Trek (with Kirk, Spock, et al) is supposed to be from 2265-2269.
Enterprise from 2151-2159, and Cochrane developed the first warp drive (Star Trek: First Contact) around 2063. It seems like the movie will be around 2100.

It all sounds daft as buggery to me. I feel it’s probably well past time to put Star Trek out to pasture. I used to love Star Trek now it’s just a bore, and I loathe the whole “franchise” thing which is standard these days in Hollywood. It stifles creativity. I’d rather see some new Sci-Fi or classic Sci-Fi literature filmed than yet another Star Trek spin-off, which will likely also be still further from the optimism of Rodenberry’s original…

If it were to stay, I’d prefer to see a movie based around the Klingons & honour and all that. That would be much better.