Starforce stopping drive?

Installed X3-Reunion today.

Went to play some videos on my second hard drive and nothing would work. Tried playing music and each MP3 took about a minute to load and skipped during the MP3.

I’d read the manual for X3 earlier to try and make head nor tail of the controls and noticed the section saying it contained Starforce protection.

Uninstalling X3, I can access the videos and music absolutely fine.

Could I hazard a guess and say this is a problem with Starforce?

sounds like it from what you describe. you could try installing the game and then updating the starforce…

I downloaded the latest patch for X3 and it stopped it happening. :slight_smile:

According to, the patch removes Starforce from the game.

Now I can go back to browsing and watching Future Weapons :smiley: