Started... YAY

I finished cruching my first packarge from SETI@home today!!! it took about 24hours :eek: i spose its just my computer:D :smiley:


argh!!! your lucky i see ur sig i’ll add my crunching comps stats to mine so people can laugh at me;) (333mhz, 65mb)

All crunching is good crunching, and it doesn’t matter what you have! 5 years ago my rigs would have taken days to crunch WUs. I game a lot, and that drove several system upgrades over the years. The old rigs become crunchers 'cause I can’t see having a computer just sitting around doing nothing.

AMD A64 3700+ 2.2GHz San Diego ~ Epox EP-9NDA3+

how can this be old?!?!?!?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well… that’s the current gaming rig… no sense not having that crunch too :smiley:

ah… i should proberly make my main comp cruch two after christmas when i get a net work cable installed down to my room. the 333 is in the bottom of the hot water cupboard:lol:

333 MHz… is that actually enough to keep water hot? :rolleyes:

yeah i was worried it would over heat seeing its the middle of summer but not it appears to run “cold”:slight_smile:

edit : opps before you think i am a maniac i was refering to the computer not the hot water cyclinder

Hey Comtek - let me hunt around in the loft for you as I think there is a K6-2-500Mhz up there somewhere. I’ll investigate postage to New Zealand for you :smiley: You may want to have a word/look in Wattos shop now you have the bug :lol: TFW was selling a Celeron 1Ghz for a few pounds :slight_smile:

Congrats on the first unit :thumbsup: :smiley:


you might check into seeing if that k6 is sse version 1 capable which is I believe the technical term for mmx or 3dnow by using a small appy called cpu-z to tell if yes or no. If yes, it is sse optimized then look into the optimized seti app in the optimized thread here optimized SAH clients
Might cut your crunching time down a fraction, but in your case probably only a couple of hours at most, yet everything helps :slight_smile:

yes the bug :smiley: :smiley:
i’ll check if its 3d-now capible thanx for the advice
hoping to get my junked 400mhz back out for seti too.:wink:

Good for you matey:D

Just got the k6-2 500Mhz and board with 128Mb pc100 and a graphics card. Booted to POST fine, took a couple of bios resets, could just be that it has had nothing for years.

PM me your address ComTeck and I’ll meander towards the post office :slight_smile:


Make sure the power supply you send with it is the time with the voltage switch, as NZ uses the UK not the US stlyle power

opps never mined your an Brit 8)

[supposed I should add my machined to my sig]

a power supply is too heavy to post :frowning:


Know what you mean m8. My old P133 used to take 77hours to crunch one WU and that’s using the SETI Driver option, not the graphical one. :eek:

ah doesn’t matter about the power supply i’m sure i can dug one up from somewhere:D :smiley: