Stats League Sizes - a Poll

How do you think that the stats divisions should be delineated?

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WU boundaries! :smiley:

Gives everyone a bit more incentive to hit that next milestone!

Think it should be set amount of people. Gives more of a challange of getting into higher divisions.

There’d be no competition in wu boundaries since once you were in a division you couldn’t slip out.

I can see the advantages of both system, but at the moment with the present system it would take me nearly 6 Months at 40 wu’s a day to move League’s and that’s if everyone else stayed still e.g… I have very little or no chance of progression, at least with a WU boundaries system I will progress.

But at the end of the day, I will crunch the same amount either way :smiley:

I think we need to work out this poll before we can set up the next.

If we go by number of people there will be more chance to move up a division (and get that good “I accomplished something” feeling). If it was by WU, then some divisions will be really big and, in those, the chance of progression will be mostly limited to stomps within the division.

Obviously, I’m for more divisions with boundries set by number of people.

1 - 100
101 - 250
251 - 500
501 -1000
1001 - 2500
2501 - 5000
5001 - 10000
10001 - 15000
15001 - 25000
25000 - 49999
50000 - 100000
100001 >

Something along SETI’s great here is your certificate guidelines…But with a few more points…

Again just my 2 cents…No change please I hate pennies!



I prefer the system where there is a fixed number of people in each division. This way you can crawl your way up, slide back when new members arrive and you need to keep crunching just to maintain your position. If there are inactive or more slowly moving members, part of the fun is stomping your way up.

In terms of size I would like to suggest fifty per division. At the end there can be divisions added automatically or add new ones from time to time as new members arrive.

The alternative is the system where a fixed number of woots quailify you for a division. For example a division may be for those with 3,000 to 4,000 units. You can never be out crunched and demoted. Inactive accounts get to stay forever. I believe this is less fun.:slight_smile:

edit: did I not get to vote in the above poll? Did I make a mistake?

The poll is still open. You should be able to vote.

Leagues by WU:
You crunch some WU’s until you are in the league you want and you can never get demoted even if you stop crunching.

Leagues by fixed number members:
Here is more competition. To hold you place you have to keep up with the ppl around your place. You stop crunching, you falling down the ranks and Divisions.

My point of view: :smackbum: the slackers and go with fixed number members per Division :smiley: