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Exellent news DT :slight_smile:

Excellent work DT, put me down for a day on the news hound round when we’re ready to rock and roll :slight_smile:

you can start with today if you want Peige :chuckle: :Poke:


Okkkyy, erm… will have a go when i get home :chuckle:

:lol: Chuck him in the deep end, that’s what I say!! :smiley:

Great going DT

Excellent work DT! :slight_smile:

Cheers for all the work!

Great news DT!! Thanks for the work :thumbsup:

Well I plan on keeping my Wensday slot, I mean I got to do somthing during my XHML class to stop it from being boring :wink:

original post edited - all those wishing to contribute please state the day :slight_smile:


p.s. who’s up for today then :Poke:

I could do Tuesday and Sunday.

Top work dt, it takes longer to find a picture than it does to do the stats now :woot:

Could someone explain how to actually report the stats. Is it as simple as pasting DT’s news template into a thread. If i knew how, i could definetely put my name down for one of the weekday slots.

you take this link, start a new thread and hit paste.

Tryig to make it as simple as possible, of course you are completely free to add your own twist to the stats as well.


So that txt file is auto updated each day then?

mememe put me down for a day… pref week day :slight_smile:

I’ll take monday and friday if you like. Im happy to give up one of them in the future should someone want that particular day.

At the moment I manually check the stats and update the text file and html files every morning. Soon it will require no intervention at all and all automated.

You’ve got Thursday then binlala :slight_smile:


yay :slight_smile: thanks…:slight_smile:

I think I might have to kick a few seti units thru :lol:

So looks like Saturday for me then :slight_smile:
Just don’t expect a 7:00am post :smiley:

well after doing the updates to the site manually for a week, got a bit bored of doing it manually sooo…

html pages are now created by the tool :smiley:

I’m going to run a “clean rig” test and then this version is almost ready to start looking at the redundancy model. (i.e. others can run the tool)


Any chance of having this thread made into a sticky?