steam is a kick in the ass

well most people know about steam so here is my funny story what happened to me!! omg im so DUM

well today steam was messing about on voice chat so i when to log off like you do but the really silly thing i did was press the WRONG BUTTON in said off press go offline i press change user ops.
After that it didnt save my password OH NO and like me i forget things like passwords what i have changed in the last 2 weeks or so.
Well i tryed to login with a password what was wrong oh crapso i tort for a bit :Plot: and i tryed again WRONG again damm it!!!
So i tryed to reset my password when you try to reset your password they send you can email with a code a the secret question as some of you guys know well the secret question was
What did customer support last reset your passphrase to?

when i got hacked support changed my password
and that was the answer but i tryed that after trying to find it in my email
but it didnt work oh NOOO :frowning: i tryed over 20 times but no luck :whiteflag:
so i gave up and went to support to reset my password again !!! OMG I HATE STEAM SO MUCH WHEN THIS HAPPENS!!
i done all that now its just the waiting game again last time it took 4 days before they done it :frowning:

I understand why steam do this but its such a kick in the ass.
So now ive lost out on playing call of duty modern warfare 2 tonight witch sucks ass damm it

well next time i better right down my password and keep it safe.

So now you guys can go ahead and take the piss out of me for being a dum ass :o:sigh:

Now this is a WARING if anyone dose this try and keep your password written down some were safe

So this is my kick in the ass for the day LOL :smackbum:

From what I gather there you lost your password and Steam took a while to send it to you?
Never a good think.

Anyhow, I recommend using Keepass in the future - I save the majority of my passwords and other info in a Keepass file :slight_smile:

yer next time i will write it down and put it some were safe lol