If you use steam, what’s your name on it?

Mine is HiddenSpirit but Hids on profile (some muppet had already registered Hids account name :catfight: )

Account Name is drezha.

Not sure what my profile name is… Possibly MMMugs|Drezha

Peige !

‘Spinke’. There’s a Team Phoenix Rising group on there, I’ll put the link up when I’m home but you should be able to search for it or find it through someone elses profile. :slight_smile:

Have joined TPR group and added you all :smiley:

Droid is Droid :smiley:

joined the group - and tbh, I don’t even know if I have whatever game it was that sparked this :lol:

Got Portal and that’s about it, perhaps a HalfLife as well that came with it.


I’ve got portal & half-life 2 demos, but nothing else yet.

I’ve got a half life 2 and hl2 ep 1 to give as a gift to someone (i they wanted to play it). Anyone willing to make me an offer?

Profile Name is Scream, but there seem to be millions of people nicking my name. So I’ve set my custom URL to TPR-Scream

Not played in a long while but added myself to the TPR Group :slight_smile:

I just got HL2: Riot Act, its a HL2 mod so you need the original game to play it,
it only takes about an hour to complete, but I found it to be a good blast, and well worth the download.


going to guess that a lot of these posts with “I’ve only a couple of games” will be significantly larger game libraries!

I’ve now over 60 games on Steam :lol:

Whilst I couldn’t tell you the last time I logged in to Steam :joy:

New Steam account made. Hidd3n Spirit is my profile name if anyone wants to add me :biggrin:

Does this stil work, im Tetra2109 on steam anyway🥺

yes - many of us are on Steam and still in the group

well, then please add me :slight_smile: