Stop Folding today!

Just got an email from Standford saying that one of the units that is being sent out is actually harmful to your computer. Possible effects are heavy CPU usage, overabundance of points, and harmful damage to the BW team’s ranking. They have suggested that people stop Folding immediately, though if you still wish to crunch for a cause, there’s plenty of other vaild options that Team Phoenix Rising is currently involved in…

Good day chaps. :slight_smile:

Nice try Beefy :wink: :slight_smile:


Diversionary tactics failure… on to Plan B. :slight_smile:

Almost worked due to the alcohol I had consumed…until I noticed it wasn’t a TPR Folding regular :wink:

Just for that i’ll add another rigg :wink:

Just in case you forgot your team number, it’s 33272… :wink:



Almost a “coffee Spitter”

Nice try Beefy!

:newmon: :lol: Brilliant effort :thumbsup:


So what is plan b beefmeister? Is it switching to pork?


Plan Blitzkreig now in effect… looks at 3,700 pts already submitted today by myself :slight_smile:

Wow… 654 points between us…and I just eue’d 2 DOH!

After we done with you beefy, you gonna be a vegetable

Oooh… can I be a potato? :smiley:

Couch potato maybe…

Welcome Grooverider , I take it your from Beefysworld as well - but thats no way to talk to your comrade …:wink:

Don’t worry about him. He’s got a giant chip on his shoulder. A potato chip…





OK, was poor, but I had to try.

A recent Photo of Beefy:devil:

BTW Folding is bad - its been baned by the Jedi Council

Comrade? pfft, im his commanding officer… well, i think i still own Beefysworld… he hasn’t asked for it back yet…