Strange events in security log

Keep getting these in security log, wondering what would cause them? There’s a bit of a commotion going on at work at the moment and i want to make sure no one is accessing my PC especially the guys running the Active Directory/Group Policy etc.

Would this indicate people accessing my machine, and if so, can i stop them?

You can get more information by right-clicking one of the lines and selecting properties in the context menu.

As Tom says. If you double click the entry you’ll see more info. 540 is generated on logon and 538 on log off. You will be able to see which workstation the logon has originated from. I have loads of these entrys on my server. All of them originate from the PC’s in my kids room. I’m guessing that its some service - maybe WSUS or AVG thats causing these anonymous logon’s. I don’t think they are anything to worry about

Cheers guys. When i do the right click thing (sorry forgot to add that pic) it says logon type 3 which is a network resource and no computer name listed. Just wanted to make sure no-one was having a peak around as there is some confidential stuff on there!