Strange SQL issue (Not a Batch this time!)

Hey all, me again;

Let me firstly say, I know nearly nothing about SQL server apart from how to get some data from it and some other little things.

All I want to know is if any of you lovely people know what a *.seq file is.

Every time we run a little application which pulls figures back from other terminals to a central DB (which then gets polled to HO) a little 1k file called DB.SEQ is generated (but is hidden) (Look at previous thread about how to delete the blighter!)

I have narrowed it down to this little file that is causing a load of issues with the information polled, and wehen dleted after each time its generated, the next time its generated the data is fine again.

So anyone know what a *.SEQ file is/how its generated/how to read it to see what it contains.

Thanks Y’all once again!:slight_smile: :tiphat: :tiphat:

No entirely conviced this is an SQL issue if the seq file is created by your application. I’d open it in wordpad if you don’t have any alternative. At least you’ll see if it is text or data which may give some hints.

Sounds like a latch buffer is being left open. You should run a repair/index on your SQL files/DB’s. If this file is is showing on a certain SQL statement run then I would think you have a bad file or a NULL bit pointer.

Good luck tracing this down.

Hmmmmm; well Wyntrblue text editor shows Gobbledigook, and Step tracking it down will be difficult. the main issue is that this is mirrored in about 400 different sites :S
I think using the batch file (previous thread) to delete the little blighter is the best option, as my sig says, Bodge it!