Strange things growing in the garden.....Whoooo!!!

Obviously it must be caused by climate change (well everything else is :smiley: ), but look what I found growing in my tomato plants…

(I added the eyes from this years Red Nose Day box)



Are you located next a a AWE plant?

Got to be close to a nuke power plant.

:lol: Nope!! about 25 miles away as the crow flies


must be close enough!


See that’s what happen’s when they keep those leak’s to themselves
rather than openly admitting they had a little bit of a melt down the
other month and adopting the we’ll wait and see if they notice anything policy :chuckle:

Wolram wonders if Droid has a picture in the " Shocking Revelations - The TPR rogue gallery " thread ?

and if not, soon could have :smiley:

I was in two minds about posting, but heads-up, here it comes.



Blimey…meltdown every other month?

He must live on the radioactive gas outlet :stuck_out_tongue:

The mutant tomato apparently has a sister that I didn’t know about!! :smiley: