Strange tracker coding appearing in web pages in FF5?

Keep getting this as text in web pages with adverts appearing on the screen, but not in the web page source. Any ideas why it’s suddenly started appearing?

var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-9668722-2");pageTracker._setDomainName("none");pageTracker._setAllowLinker(true);pageTracker._trackPageview();} catch(err) {}

It doesn’t appear in IE9. Any ideas?

from first glance, I think that’s the google tracker code

It certainly looks like a Google tracker, but I can’t see anything in the web page source. It appears as stand-alone text in an area of the Orange web page when I log in to check my e-mail. It also does the same when I log on to Friends Reunited. It does not appear in IE9 though on the same pages :confused:. Wierd