I turend on my laptop this morning for boinc.
and the network was limited… so i reset my router,
and helen’s PC turend on!?!?
Also yesterday i was sorting cables out ect…when i plugged helen’s PC into the router it turend on also,
what could this be?

Wake on LAN set in the bios ???

I cant say i have seen that option at all in the bios…also this has just started happening. and i havent touched the bios in quite a while on that PC.

sometimes when the nic card gets hit with power as mortlake said it will wake on lan!

it could have been set all this time and now its coming into light!

Yeh i know what you mean… but this has never happend before and ive plugged and unplugged the router plenty of times.
i cant see why this would start happening out of the blue.
Ill recheck the bios and see what i come up with.

/Edit… AHA!.. sorry, but you were right :p,
Wake on LAN was enabled :D.
Cheers guys.

also sometimes if your working on your computer and u install a nic card and the bios is set to boot ( wake on lan ) it will also kick off then…always make sure the power is off at the mains but the cable is still plugged in :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice bin.