Struggling with LTSP

OK, so from hardware you’ll probably know I’m attempting diskless. Now at this very poin in time, I’m about ready to format the Redhat9 rig and start again, but I have a feeling I’m so damn close its killing me.

Maojc was kind enough to send me versions of his files, and I was quite happy that I has the same structure and all seemed well.

Now, when I boot with a diskless machine straight to the Redhat rig with crossover cable, the Nforce2 onboard lan is being recognised by the DHCP, and is being allocated the correct IP addy. Now this is where it stops, I then get TFTP file not found, or something along those lines.

I have checked everything (so it seems), the paths are all relative to the -s /tftpboot and I cant understand what I’m missing.

From what I gather, Maojc manages this using nforce2 onboard without using pxe(from his conf files), but mine is going mental.

The security logs on the Redhat machine are showing the rig getting the ip addy, then we get

sshd(6447); Received Signal 15: terminating

So what is this ?? and is there any more guides, idiot guides, to complete what to me seemed a simple task that is now doing my head in.

I’ve agreed with Becky that I can have some of the normal family time, configging this this weekend. Offers of help and any advice appreciated.


OK so do you have a tftp installed and configured on the server? Did you note the location of tftp stuff in the xinetd directory

next make sure that the kernel you want to boot is in /tftpboot/lts/…

And you did add the necessary PXE entries to the DHCP.conf file. didn’t you? I have been using a ehterboot imageon flash, but if you use the network boot rom off the MB then you need add the PXE goodies to the dhcpd.conf and have the pxe load a base boot loader.

Any progress?

at work at the moment, so no progress atm. But I am using the onboard lan and pointing to the PXE.0 (something like that) that is now in a sub dir for PXE, wheras according to the guide is used to be in tftpboot/lts/…

The link you’ve posted is showing I think where the error is. More playing tonight when I get home (5hours ish from now).

So darn close, I think its the PXE causing the problem, I can telnet to port22 when I plug in a windoze machine and it gets dhcp fine. I think I need to sort out the routing though as when I do this I have no net access. Another job for later, I just want to get it booting for now…

:cheers: Maojc


Try your tfptd config.
Mine (Mandrake 10) has a default directory of “/tftpboot/lts” or something similar.
I wanted all my tftpboot info with my LTSP stuff so I put my Etherboot ,zpxe images in /opt/ltsp/i386/tftpboot.
had to change the file “tftp” in “/etc/xinetd.d” to make this change.

Changed the line in this file to read

server_args = -s /opt/ltsp/i386

Restarted system, everthing PXE related then worked.

You dont want to know how many times I had read that link Major without it sinking in properly, I’m well on the way to being inebriated and its working :cheers: :glug: :glug:

The PXE boot for the dethnforce2 was not 775’d :doh: Yup and that was al it was :doh: :kipper: