Stuck work unit

Got a work unit here that appears to be stuck. It is currently showing 37 of 100 frames completed, but when the frame completes (shows 100%), instead of it starting on frame 38, it still shows 37 of 100 completed and starts back at 0%. Has been doing this for at least a day now.

Any idea on what I should do?

Oh, I am using Electron Microscope to view the progress on the boxes here.

what does the FAHlog file show?


At home now, but IIRC, the log was showing 42 out of 100 frames completed in the morining and still showed that later in the day. According to EM, each frame should only take about 30 minutes give or take a few.

By the way, it’s one of the boxes at work (the bosses). He basically uses the machine for email and web browsing and very little else, so I appropriated it when I set the thing up. Only got one instance running on it when it could have two. Didn’t want him wondering why certain apps take so long to open when running two instances (mainly Word Perfect and the anti virus program we use).