Submit your moderator proposal

Well if mohammed won’t go toi the mountain :sigh:

I nominate TFWitt as mod of this forum. Clearly a petrol head and helpful person. Also if Bibby is still around? I nominate him as well.

There is a sub-clause to that in I would only be moderator during periods of Sobriety, wouldn’t consider posting whilst under the affluence :chuckle:

So I nominate Biddy as well!

Mr TF Witt gets my vote in the absence of Bibby. As an alternative Celtic Skyhawk loves his cars.

This will be sorted out in the up-coming mod shakeup.

The team is about to decide how many mods, what role, what responsibilities mods have in the next week. In the light of this appointing one mod (whether a good nomination or not) would seem silly.

Good. As the team seems to be in the dark a little on the details, it’s good to hear that something is being planned.

AFAIK, Bibby has quit TPR and now runs a rival Seti/Boinc team with M@tt and N20Capri.
Otherwise I’d nominate him too.

Which team is this?

Team Clangers, I think.

I’ll volunteer if nobody wants to do it, I likes me cars and me motorbikes…vroooom vroooom :slight_smile:

Gets my vote :slight_smile:

If theres an air of turmoil over picking a moderator I’ll just stick to my usual inane banter devoid of any responsibility for the posts of others if thats OK.
Cheers for the votes and all that but I’m quite happy in Pleb land

:thumbsup: no probs m8, always room for another like minded soul here in pleb land :nod:

… but don’t be booby trapping my fluffy dice :chuckle: