Suggestions for wired router (cable)


I need a wired cable router to connect to my Terayon TJ210 modem (NTL)

My aged Linksys BEFSR 41 has finally give up after many reboots.

I have always had problems with the Linksys router as follows
1 - could not set it up to use the 4 ethernet ports - in the end had to set it up as a gateway and use an extra hub!!!
2 - Required rebooting at least once a week.
3 - could not get the XBox to run through it - I had to patch the XBox direct to the modem (not popular with the rest of the family!)

So I am looking for something I can connect 3 PCs and an XBox at the same time. Im looking for quality and am happy to pay for the right kit.

Any suggestions? anything to avoid.

Thanks in advance.

have a look at draytek there not cheep but mines been running for well over 2 years without any trouble

Check out Buffalo… they are fairly new to me but their kit works very well from what I’ve seen.

bt home hub? that would mean doing something distastefull

sign up with BT that is :soapbox:

I can recommend either

Buffalo WHR-HP-G54

or the

Buffalo WHR-G54S Router

both use the broadcom chip set and thus can use 3rd party firmware just like the linksys ones