Suggestions please

Ok the weather is starting to get a bit warmer here ( not that you’d know from the howling wind outside ) and my shuttle ( sn85g4 v2 with athlon64 3400 ) is starting to over heat and crash again, so I’m looking at replacing it. Think the mobo has had it, after it played up last year I have to keep the top off and an 92mm fan blowing across the mobo.

Space is at a premium so i’m after something small that can sit on my desk and not take up much room. I use this as my main games rig and Boinc, so I don’t need loads of drive bays, but it has to run cool and be fairly quiet as I have 2 other machines in my room as well.

What do people recommend.


Before you replace it, have you double checked the existing one? What temp is the CPU hitting under load? De-fluff the fan and inside. Maybe re-apply the thermal paste on CPU and northbridge in case the original has “gone off”. In the bios settings, turn up the fan speed(s) if possible but that is a balance between heat and noise.

Assuming the mobo is ok, downgrading to a sempron should run much cooler as I think most are on 90nm process where I think most s754 a64s were 130nm. Otherwise I’d probably go for a s939 CPU in another Shuttle to suit budget.