Sunny day, day trip out :)

Off for an unplanned day trip to Bournemouth, anyone down there?

Me, wife, two dogs, sea, sand & a bag of chips, thats a good plan.

and I did what I planned to do.


tbh, when we last went the Harry Ramsdens wasn’t that great, a quick walk up the hill to the fish’n’chip shop that had a huge queue was worth it though :smiley:

We do that a few times in the summer, 1hr20m on the train from Reading. The beach is great, next time we go I plan to take the boys out in the speedboats that you can hire :devil:

Looks like you both had a great day :woot:


Next time you go give me a shout, we’ll come say hi :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=Damski;452085]and I did what I planned to do.


Was that uploaded direct off ya phone m8? Is there an app for that?

Looks very nice :slight_smile:



The ability to upload images and videos to different online sites is built in. I regularly upload to Facebook, picassa and buzz. Videos go straight to YouTube.