Superman, the return






ok, yes I can think of something else to say about this film


it’s ace, just enough corn, cheese and headnods to the originals to make it work. With seamless special affects & CGI it was just an awesome movie, so good I think I may go see it again, and I don’t think I have ever done that with a movie in the cinema before.

for me a 10/10

Now I watched it and thought total oposite… the film was dire there was nothing special I think I counted one fight seen… and it was nothing to rant on about…

the effects where nice but the film is dull…not worth the watch at all


I thought it was an absolutely awful piece of trash, and the effects… were we watching the same film? Whenever ‘superman’ was flying around it was like a plastic toy was being filmed, they didn’t even seem to try and simulate the actor. I struggled to the end, but it was one of those films I wished was over before it began.

Hmm. With reports that varying – I suppose I’ll have to go and see it.

I dont know what was wrong with the film… it just lacked that umph that said must watch…its like King Kong… that was suppose to be WoW but it didnt make me craving to watch it… was almost a chore…

The next film I cant wait for is Spiderman 3 :smiley: Evil Spidy :smiley:

the first 3 Superman films aside, the only ‘superhero’ film i have seen is the Hulk, which was so bad i have not bothered with any of the current crop. but having grown up on the comics, i guess the films will never match the original medium for me.

I’m looking forward to Superman tbh, hope to see it soo… its one of those films you have to see really.

As for superhero films, the best recent one was Batman begins :nod:

ahhh in my mind, the only movie worth watching this year is Pirates of the Caribbean…not seen it yet, saw a T4 behind the scenes and it looks cracking!

Mind you, evil spidey looks good as well!

I watched pirates the other day and TBH its not worth the watch :frowning:

havent seen spiderman but it sounds like its worth watching to make my own conclusion.
:Offtopic: pirates of the carribean:dead mans chest was better than the first in my oppinion, the cliffhanger was abit obvious and annoying its kinda like the second matrix, leave you with not a huge amount gained but unlike the second matrix this one actually had humour, fantastic sword fight scene’s and i thought was just general very good


Dave, you cut me to the quick man, you really do :frowning:


I still want to go see it…just a matter of bbsitters now! Any offers?

I watched Superman the Return last night, i’m with Damski, Great film imho.

Exactly what i wanted it to be :slight_smile: