Support a Pub

Today a Bath Landlord threw Kier Starmer out of his pub

I am amused that he was able to stand his ground with the body guards and turf the man out onto the street, the stunt double for Max Headroom looked rather surprised at this.

I would buy Rod Humphris a pint but Bath isn’t all that local, however…

The pub sell beer online so I bought a case, and a fine poster for my own pub, errr I mean Office!

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As an update, the beer arrived in two boxes.

One box was delayed.

The shipping company of choice was UPS, despite shipping in boxes marked “UPS approved bottle transit packaging” three bottles were smashed or leaking.

Had an email that replacements are on the way so YAY!

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Backup beers arrived.
Now all quaffed, 9/10 would buy again, if they can avoid the UPS involvement.