[Swap] R5 1600 + Asus B350M-A for Intel quad

Not that many read here any more… but I’m serious. I have a Ryzen R5 1600 (+bundled cooler) on an Asus B350M-A mobo, and I’m looking to swap it for an Intel quad core CPU + mobo, with cash adjustment possible depending on actual specs. Ram could be negotiated if required.

For what I crunch an Intel quad is generally faster enough over 6 Ryzen cores to make it interesting. So I’m looking for:
1, anything Broadwell, Skylake or Kaby Lake (preferably i5-K but not necessity)
2, Haswell K CPU on Z chipset mobo.
Nothing older than Haswell.

Depending on who/what/where I may be able to meet up to swap.

eldest who is away at Uni switched his big machine around to go tiny rig for transport reasons between home and Uni.

As such, I think I’ve a Z170 Gaming K3 motherboard that could be of use, just the board and I’d need to check with him first if that could help?


Not sure how that would work, as I was looking for a swap of cpu+mobo for someone with a quad who fancies more Ryzen cores. In particular I’m trying to avoid anything involving me selling hardware as it just never happens! Hard to move around in my house now, but I wont worry for heating over winter. Thanks anyway.

Now then Now Then, I read that as you wanted to swap an “RS 1600” and and some computery bits.

Maybe I should get to Specsavers

:doh: Gets worse with age TFW :smiley: