Syd Barrett RIP

Syd Barrett, one of the original members of Pink Floyd, died peacefully a few days ago in London.

full story here at N.M.E.

another hero of my generation sadly passes away :frowning:

:sigh: I’m quickly becoming aware that I’m not as young as I often act :wolram:

me goes off to listen to Echoes

Very sad indeed :frowning:

/me goes to dig out a my copy of Relics

R.I.P Syd - Shine on you crazy diamond

Yup , getting to the age where conversations with your mates no longer go…
Remember Tom ?.. he got married last week or , his wife gave birth to their third child.
Now its Remember Syd ? he died peacefully/suddenly/unexpectedly last week :sigh: :frowning:
All the social promise symbolised by some of the bands of the Sixties and early Seventies seem to have been obliterated by bean counters , accountants and politians. :mad:

One of my all time favourites.
Cant remember which CD it was but Floyd was the first ever CD I listened to having paid £35 for a CD in about 1985.

Listened to it over and over again and have Shine on in my phone as an MP3 today

A crazy genius, who will be greatly missed, by all of us of a certain generation.

Even those of us that are a bit younger will feel the loss. I love Pink Floyd’s music :agree:

I’ve been a huge Floyd fan for years. Considering how few albumns Syd actual wrote before he had his breakdown, he hada great influence and is still alive and well within Pink Floyd as well as many other bands to come along in the last thirty years.

The Piper has arrived at the Gates of Dawn… RIP Syd