system cooling

The summer is upon us and my machines are starting to roast, so in an attempt to keep them cool and running without me going deaf from lots of fans, I was thinking of either looking at some water cooling or getting a new high-end air heat sink…

the first machine I was going to look at is my A64 3400 in a full tower case… currently has the retail amd heat sink, 1 80mm fan in at front bottom, 1 80mm in half way up the front over the hard disks, 2x 40mm out behind the cpu, 1 80mm out at back top… the cpu has been topping out at 62deg’s under full load.

from a water cooling point of view I was thinking of one of these

what are people’s views.


Whilst planing a new rig I came across these :- Coolermaster and Thermaltake should be good enough with the newer chips . cheaper too :slight_smile:

That austek stuff should be adequate

Personally I like the swiftech stuff.
The have a 120mm setup for around the same price. The pump is quiet @ 26DB

For instance, the H20-120 Premium will easily support a dual core CPU (AMD® Athlon X2 for example) as well as (2) high-end VGA cards such as nVidia® GeForce 7800 series.

that was the other one I was looking at… ( ) and it looks a bit easier to install…

might just have to bite the bullet and get one… :slight_smile: my room is starting to get far too hot…

You have to remember it will not reduce the amount of heat that is produced. The room heating will be the same I suspect. The total BTU’s are a function of the CPU power usage (given no change in settings)

What it will do is better cope with the higher rooms temps and lower the overall CPU temp. The WC will move the heat away form the CPU better. (hence most people then increase the voltage and frequency)