System logs - what we're up to

Generic topic here that’ll attempt to keep people informed on what is being ran/fixed/broke at any point.

Disclaimer - might not remember to post every time a setting is changed that will affect the display or availability, but will try.

Currently Active
Running a task to rebake the posts, should have an effect on loading the original smiley icons back into old posts and may refresh a number of the user avatars that appear next to a thread for all users who have posted.


altered the Docker instance timezone - Google 2 factor authentication active and working

Some old posts may appear in the “latest” feeds.

This is because we are spotting some links that have been injected into old posts and they are being removed.

A bit of a known issue caused some post creation errors.

Server setup is Plesk with a Docker instance running Discourse. There is a Docker control plugin and it does put into the standard Plesk nginx config some default rules. But it doesn’t handle the pass-through of ssl from nginx (plesk) to nginc docker.

By editing the file in the plesk configs, /etc/nginx/plesk.conf.d/vhosts adding the directive proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Proto https; forces all content to be ssl.

Otherwise the scripts for posting attempt to load over http, and browsers will block that due to mixed content.