System Upgrade

Ok I think my xp2500 baron is finally starting to get a little long in tooth and am thinking about upgrading it.

This machine is used 95% for crunching and the rest for games ( LAN games when the gang come round ) so I want something cheapish and fast. I was looking at a X2 3800, and then a mobo with an AGP slot so I can keep my ati 9600xt ( it runs everything i want so don’t really wanna bin it ). I can currently get a x2 3800 for about £187 inc vat.

what do people think go with the 3800 or splash out on something a little more meaty?

If it’s more so for gaming then the A/64 4000 has better bench results but you also say it crunches mainly as well in which case a 3800x2 would be best.

If you’re not 100% AMD focussed then maybe hang on until the Conroe processors arrive. They look better than ANY AMD chip made so far.

but Conroe is ONLY PCI-E…wont support his AGP card. I have the 3800 X2 and its lovely at crunching, plus plays all the current games wonderfully (little to no CPU bottleneck). You will have to get a NForce3 motherboard though, but most should have a Bios update available for dual core support, plus it supports AGP

I looking at either
Gigabyte K8NSC-939
Abit UL8 Socket 939
MSI K8T Neo2-F V2

or even the Gigabyte K8N51GMF-9 and then use the onboard graphics. Then i’ll at lest have the option of upgrading to a PCI-E card later

If you want cheap and chearfull theres the Asrock 393dual - sata2 motherboard that has both agp and pci-e slots, I use one and for around the £40 mark not a bad choice for a basic upgrade board.

ps. also has the option to add a riser card for socket AM2


For crunching, I’d go for the x2 3800+ any day.

Oh look, I already have;)

If you go with an Asrock, be sure to check the component lead protrusion on the bottom side of the board for components which are close to the mounting holes. I had one which had an inductor lead close enough to the mounting hole (which is a ground to the case) that it could touch the mounting point on the case. I didn’t notice it when I assembled the mobo into the case, and upon power up, burned a 5volt trace in half (plus other minor damage). Asrock’s choice of component placement was very poor, so be aware of this potential problem.

Biostar TForce 6100 939 was the overclocking board of choice for the farmers @ XS for a while. May be uATX but does have on-board GFX + PCI-e…

thanks for the advice people… I think I may have changed my mind and decided to drop the on-board graphics and the AGP and get a Epox EP-9NPA7I or Abit KN8 and then a cheap PCI-E graphics card to drop in it… I’ve gone off running matx boards 27/7 crunching ever since I melted my shuttle.