SZTAKI - fasten seatbelts before downloading

Akosf has been waving his magic wand really seriously. On Dione, the SZTAKI application was taking about 56 minutes per workunit, then about 24 with his first update. A couple of days ago he published one which took under 5 minutes and the latest one is finishing in a minute or so!

You can find the updated application in this thread. You should use TruXoft’s calibrating client to avoid ridiculously low credit claims with these applications and you will need to lower large cache sizes to avoid downloading excessive numbers of workunits.

If you are tempted by the extraordinary productivity of these applications to join SZTAKI, this is our team. Please bear in mind, though, that once the optimisations make their way into the official versions, which I am sure they will, the credit will have to drop to be comparable with other projects, just as it did for Seti@home, quite rightly.

SZTAKI are (still) finishing off their updated algorithm. I imagine that will contain Akosf’s improvements and also increase the execution time of the units.

There is now an application which improved the performance over the original by a factor of about 50, but WU generation is currently disabled while they try to modify the server to cope with this increased performance. Ah well, it was fun making hay while the sun shone.