Talk about scareing the life out of me

Brought an air compressor and other bits and bobs the other day, only just had a play with it.

The instuctions… lets say were not the best :frowning:

Basically in this packet is a plastic dip gauge for measuring the oil level.

Nowt in the instruction mention actually that this should be in 100% of the time.

Well as the instruction said I measured the oil, tad over the level but I know some of that will go into lubricating various bit when it chugging alone and as such likely to drop a little bit.

Remove the dip gauge and put the plastic plug back in.

Test the compressor ((Darn noisy thing grrr))) then suddenly this almighty
pop scareing me half to death because the plastic plug popped out to disappears into nowhere.

On much pondering and close examination… I notice the oil dip thingy in fact has an air release hole and therefore it twigs to me that it men’t to be in there all the time.

Gave me more of a shock than the dry firing of the spud gun from way back when.

Going to take me some getting used to though this compressor, completely different beast to eddie’s his if I recall right was made by some work buddies when he worked for Marconi nice quite electric motor driving a pully pump in the whole inc the more flexiable air hoses etc felt better to work with.

Time will tell.

Ha Ha. Did exactly the same thing with my first compressor.

Do tell what other bits you’ve got

Just a Std spray gun / Touch up spray gun & Air blower and associated quick release connectors and such like.

Compressor is not out of this world can’t justify the price for what I call decent… Its 2hp & 24ltr Capacity which should be fine for my use its not intended for large surface work.

Though I know the tool set will grow with time :wink: I do like the look of those nail guns :chuckle:

Can’t have enough tools :nod:

Careful not to nail something vital to the floor, m8 :smiley:

Ah, you’re on a slippery slope there PMM. Soon will come windy guns, die grinders, tyre pumps, air ratchets etc. Just stay off the Bay :wink:
Forget the sanders and chisels, you probably won’t have enough air to run them for long.

Blow guns are superb for cleaning computers :slight_smile:


Which connectors have you got, the short or long ones. I’ve got a spare tyre inflator but it has the short quick connector. Can’t get a long one with the right thread, so its yours for nowt if you can use it.

Pretty sure they were the longs, though I do have one of those all in one light/tyre inflator/batt jump start thingys.

thanks for for the offer though :slight_smile: