Report to the office!
You been going the wrong way lately, time for punishment
Those that are squeamish may want to look the other way… this is not going to be pretty


Butt chewed… got it


I’d like to point out, your going down coz i’m going up :banana:

Butt chewed… got it


But I was just starting to have fun…:smiley:

Ok you and WORMSS both get in a corner…
for keep pointing out things, and taking my fun away!:furious:

Yeah you been doing great! and thanks… Now in the corner!

don’t you worry… I’ll be back…hehehehe

I’m only going in a corner if you tell me the safe word first :devil:

don’t you worry… I’ll be back…hehehehe

You have more hardware up your sleeves ? why is it not already being used !

Safe words are for the weak little one… But there is a safe sound, called silence!

Have you ever meet a girl who didn’t:D