TapaTalk Installed


With so many recent threads on Android, mobile phones and mobile devices, I’ve implemented the TapaTalk app on the forums.

Credit to Damski who originally asked, although it’s been on the list of things to look at as I was also asked about it over at Aria.

What is TapaTalk? Well it would be an app for your mobile devices that gives you a much easier way to view new threads and posts. The quote below is lifted straight from the TapaTalk site.

As I’m personally still in the dark ages, and use my phone for making phone calls, please can you let me know if you experience any issues with the mod. I’ve checked through the mod code, and it looks like it does what it is meant to, just I can’t actually tell as I can’t run the ‘client’ :smiley:

Have fun, we are also listed on the banners for TapaTalk and the directory as well, comments on the default text and images I’ve thrown in there are welcomed.



And I can confirm that it works.

Thank you DT once again for your hard work in keeping these forums up there on the cutting edge.

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Just tested on my iPod… Seems to work really well. Also works in portrait mode :slight_smile: this post comes from said iPhone :slight_smile:


Installed but struggling to see the benefit for here on mine… might prove useful for other websites.

I say not much use for here in the sense that VB forums do display rather well on mine in landscape and the pinch zoom if I need it if something a tad too small to read.

Will have a good play though.


I’ll have a look in a wee bit, TIA :slight_smile:

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Yup works really well :slight_smile:

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I’m really liking this proggie it browses forums the same way I do - which I know is not the same as everyone else but it suits me

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Can’t see me using this much… if at all… using my Nokia N900 on the internet is easy and the stylus makes it all much easier :slight_smile:

But it’s a nice feature to have… and for the users that will use it im sure its great :slight_smile:


All I have is a phone…:frowning:


TapaTalk? Is that where you drug your children so they sleep, then go to the bar with your friends, and whine for 3 years when one of the kids is abducted? Yet you get away with not being charged with neglect?

Oops, sorry. Thats TAPAS Talk isn’t it :wink:


TapaTalk for Nokia handset is now free


or direct in a nokia browser



updated to the latest version that apparently has added some mod links as well now :slight_smile:



:thumbsup: Cheers DT

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My Streak detected it but not checked out Tapatalk yet as it’s a paid for app (and I’m gradually going to find apps I want lol)


Free version is good for a tryout, but you can’t post back.


product has been updated to run with the new site software :slight_smile:



Good stuff DT, noticed it wasn’t working yesterday but thought it was a naff net connection at the time so didn’t worry !


Not working for me.??


you might be attempting to go to forums.teamphoenixrising.net/mobiquo and that might not work



[QUOTE=DoubleTop;455490]you might be attempting to go to forums.teamphoenixrising.net/mobiquo and that might not work


Yea, you have to search it out again, the old link doesn’t work :slight_smile: