hey hey, just had my tattoo done on my left shoulder a nice little tribal pattern, will post a photo when i take the dressing off later, pain in the backside with the cream gotta put it on 3 times a day for 5 days. but looks awesome so is well worth it.

anyone else got any cool tattoos?


nope i dont have a single tattoo cool or otherwise :smiley:

Yes, too many, longest took about 3 hours :slight_smile:

Yeah, I have 2. One is a shoulder size tribal of my star sign the other is a stick figure of a saint.

well as promised here it is

Having worked with Simon Wiesenthal in the 80’s, I have and inherant dislike of tattoos, but each to their own.

I have 4 :smiley: One on each shoulder blade, one at top of right arm & one on left ankle.

Still thinking about getting my phoenix done down my back :smiley:

Thats dedication :stuck_out_tongue:

i have 5 in total sixth one coming soon.

i have a dragon on each shoulder blade and one on lower back, japanese writing down my spine and right leg.

sixth tattoo down my left hand side ribs, will b of dragon ripping through skin holding a black butterfly with michael daniel (mD) for my sons name on its wings. ill try and post a pic sometime.
seventh will be dragon/phoenix on right hand side rib cage…havent decided which yet.

Hids i got a nice pic of a phoenix if u want it

damn, bet the one on the spine was painful

I have 2, one on each upper arm… larger took 2 x 2 hour sessions - will post a pic later :slight_smile:

really want a full backpiece doing, dragon sat in front of a mountain scene - but really need to find someone to design cos I can’t draw for toffee :smiley: Prolly a cost around £1200 though :frowning:

Hids i got a nice pic of a phoenix if u want it[/QUOTE]

Thanks, but I already have the pic courtesy of Damski :wink: It’s the TPR logo, but I will have it in either black & red or black & blue :smiley:

it was my first tattoo so it was painful .

when i watched em do my leg i never really felt anything cos i cud see what he was doing :slight_smile:

looks pretty sick, like the one at the bottom

Kyle, you had a tattoo on your shoulder and a pain in the backside. Are you sure they didn’t tattoo something else?

me likes tattoo threads :smiley:

you dont wanna know the hours it took for this lot… and the sleepless nights involved…

is that bahamut on the right from the final fantasy games? and i bet that was a swine to sleep on, looks cool though