Team Foundation Server

I’m running TFS 2008 remotely across a WAN link and trying to connect and create a new site.

Connects fine and gets most of the way through the new site creation until “Version Control Task Completed” it then kind of sits there forever.

I’m using Fiddler for packet inspection and am getting HTTP 200 and 401 page results.

Anyone have any advice?

Cool, got it.

My DS account in SQL reporting services was incorrectly setup.

See, thats why I like this team so much, we ask random, dificult questions then answer them ourselves, I know I do it all the time :slight_smile: I’m glad you found the problem though and hope someone else here understands what you were on about…

ROFL, thanks Damski. I hope it helps someone else as well.

It was my first experience with TFS and hopefully my last;)