Team Stats Page ??

1st I want to thank all thr TPR members for the warm welcome you have given to all the displaced Skzdalimit members. The only thing I miss about the Skzdalimit team was the team Stats page that was updated every 5 min. Plus it allowed you to compare your stats to other members to see when you would overtake them. Does anyone know what program was used to make the Skz stats page? If so is there any way to start it for TPR? I am a stats junkie and feeling withdrawls.:cussing:
I know get a life, But it was my home page for the last year.:flip:
Any ideas??
Steve B.

I think Mr Milhouses stats are excellent but if you need your fix more often how about

Our stats pages are here, they update but once a day… we thought any more frequently and it would spoil the anticipation of seeing the stomps the next day. Also, like Ian_D said, there are plenty of other stats sites that can give you an instant (but less intense) stats fix :slight_smile:

Or try a little program called “Seti Team” link in the sticky. You can update as often as you like then and compare with any saved files, oh yes it also will do predictions.

I use it all the time.