Temperature oddities

OK so yesterday I swapped out my very old 9800se AIW for an only slightly old 6800GT and added another 1gb of memory. Prior to this my CPU temps were at a constant 34C idle and 45-50 under load. After the swap the temps have jumped to 41C idle and up to 60C under load.

I’m sure these temps aren’t anything to worry about but I thought it was a bit odd?

Same thing happened to me - the thermal paste had hardened over time and its integrity had been damaged when I disturbed the CPU heatsink whilst changing components.- reapplying fresh paste cured the problem .

While you are pulling that all apart, its a good idea to give it a good cleaning, the fan, heatsink and all the components around it. Just make sure its dry before putting it back!

is the new card bigger than the old one and blocking airflow…also as others have suggested, a bit of de-fluffing and a re-applying of the heat sink/thermal paste might help.


Had same thing on upgrade of Video - it went up a few degrees but not that much under load. The NVidia does use more watts but it should be from PSU not the CPU. But was strange to see away. I did notice more software loaded in resource area so maybe more is happening with the NVidia Card then ATI.

But to be safe…clean, and new heat grease is best idea since Cards are about same size.

I’d take a guess that the 6800 is throwing more heat into the case even on desktop. Certainly as the others have said a cleanup often helps.