Test my site's gallery?

Please can you test the NUTTERS new photo gallery?

I think I’ve uploaded it right.


Seems to work :slight_smile:


Got some feedback from the Nutters members who can see it. Looks like it’a working flawlessly on IE and Firefox :slight_smile:

Working OK on Firefox for me too. Bit slower to load under IE, but not massively so. Haven’t got dial-up now so I can’t test it there unfortunately.

Yea, sorry, forgot to sya i was looking using firefox too.

Great Site :smiley: thats really cool i spent a good time looking throught all the links, very interesting:D :wiggle:

Still updating as I go along :wink:

Nice site… how do you like the Google Adsense? Easy enough to set up? I’m getting ready to add that to a site and just wondering how much to expect from this.

Adsense was really easy to set up

Works better on pages with more text…gives a wider range of ad’s.

Actually fairly useful. Output isn’t that high because we dont have a high traffic but it’s a fair amount per click.

We usually view the sites oursleves, so we do have some income.