That's the spirit ...... the Silver Spirit

MOT on Monday or Tuesday, condition of purchase that she gets a full 12months MOT

Collection some point in second week of July to allow lots of time for paperwork and insurance.


Are you planning Double Top Wedding Car hire???

trying to get drunk enough to come up with a plan for getting it crunching :smiley:

I applaud your madness good sir, top flight lunacy right there.

So, in about 11 months and three weeks time, when the next MOT is due… Will this be you ?

I have a few sets of bolt on spot lights left over :wink:

first big load of mechanical work is now complete, the engine tends to work better when the fuel doesn’t have bits of rust in it

the drive is much better now, rear suspension spheres replaced have made a massive difference to the floaty wafty - and the loud pedal now makes a just audible whimper and then you look at the speedo

I heard on a program in the past that you could use the spheres from a Citroen on a Roller instead of the manufacturers as they were cheaper. I think it was on Wheeler Dealers.

indeed you can, same part, £25 cheaper each side

loving the car to bits, as are people I’m taking out for a ride :smiley: There is still a list of work to be done, niggles, unique things that require a special way to get working - generally though, it’s frickin awesome

Always great to go riding in a bit of class :smiley:

She still sits on the front of the house, have a couple of shows planned this year, some charity events. Still a few things on the todo list, but have been all over the country in her.