The 2 MILLION woot thread :)

as of 9.00 pm GMT, the LM site is showing us as having done 2,000,909 units

Well done team :slight_smile: :woot:

Top Mapping Team :thumbsup:


2,000,000 x :woot:

:funknana: :woot: :funknana: :woot: :funknana: :woot: :funknana: :woot: :shocked:

w00t lol you done it guy :stuck_out_tongue:
not a lot of help from me…but i tried :sigh: donno what to do next tho :frowning: :confused:

:trophy: 2 :trophy: 000 :trophy: 000 YEPPY!

2 million

Thats one milestone no-one is going to beat before the project ends.

Awesome dumping folks.

Gonna keep on going and dump till the project ends.

A massive goal :smiley:

A big thank you from me to Curly99 for the daily news throughout the project, keeping me interested in the project, and for REJ for the “ban REJ from the top ten daily” campaign :chuckle:

And, a big pat on the back to all TPR Lifemappers, regardless of numbers you crunched, they all add up to the big number :nod:

:clap: :clap: :clap:



agreed with DT on this big thanks to everyone who put the effort in, including him in the little programme for LM that he wrote
every unit counts and tpr shows its class by topping the table in this project we :rocker: