The add a line post

Ok don’t know if it will work but time to inject
some life erm…:spammed: in at least one thread today…

So to start the story off…Remember add 1 line only;)

Once once long ago there was

a shameless spam poster who had a very large…

vocabulary of computer phrases!

Many words of which were TLAs

that hogged the bandwidth for days and days :eek:

Then Along Came PMM To Add To The fray

and a new :spam: thread was born on this day


The forum administrator energised his enormous

post count nuke:eek:

to keep those pesky spammers at bay

The Big Red button was wide in his eyes,

In popped SPEEDY with a little surprise :cuddle:

Big Red Buttons don’t work when gummed up with custard :smiley:

Might free the Button as its stuck since its Rusted…