The Dirty Deed pt2

ok… Clients are all set up on all the computers, im using BoincView
and Only just this second worked out how to use remote_hosts.cfg and gui_rpc_auth.cfg properly.

now… what i need to work out is how can i make it super simple without the whole installer and stuff…
so i can place a folder in a directory, and run a .bat file… so i can install it on the woodlands school machines during summer holidays
[my friend is a network manager there]
165 machines night and day crunching away should be Wonderful :slight_smile:

any ideas how i can do this??
iv been playing with boinccmd and i have found the command
–project_attach and it wants 2 commands url and auth

and im guessing url would be
and i thuoght auth would be what is in gui_rpc_auth.cfg

but i aint sure how it would know to send all the stuff to my account… ?
or if there is anything else that is needed to make it all auto…

[excuse the double post]
anyone know how to shorten the name of the
setiathome_1.18_windows_intelx86.exe to something shorter in “task manager”?
like just Seti.exe or something?? perhaps?