The Dirty Deed

ok… iv done the dirty deed… iv installed BOINC and running seti…

my room was getting cold… and needed something to run my CPU to get some heat in the room…

now that i have sold my sole to the devil by running this instead of Seti@HOME classic [RIP], anything special i should do?

like how Classic had stuff like SetiQueue and SetiHIDE… how do i do this so i can install it on my computers over the network and have it completely hidden??
and can i see the stats of the computers like i used to be able to do with setiQueue???

i hated the idea of boinc, so i never read up on it… i need to know information on it :frowning:

Welcome to Boinc :thumbsup:

Naturally graphics off & Join the team
Set up your preferences on the Boinc site:- Connect every 3 days. Leave applications in memory. Write to disk every 120 sec
seeems about right for me.

well, i still had my setiCLASSIC account so it says im still on the team…
not sure if its diffrent from seti Classic team to seti Boinc Team…

if so, someone will have to tell me link to sign up to new one.

settings above have been entered.

is there any way to run the seti thing on its own? basically hidden from a user?

Install it as a service from the install programme, you’ll have to uninstall first :frowning: Don’t tick the box to launch Boinc manager at startup. You will still see it running in the task manager though.
Not too sure about team joining in your circumstances. You will see team membership in your account where you set the preferences.

not sure how this install as service thing works?

it asks for a username and password?.. i am not sure what its asking for??
i tried doing it as the user name of the computer, but it says the password cannot be NULL, but their aint no password for that user… and everything else says there is no privledges for it… so im stuck

You need administrative rights for the service install. It must be the username and password for the administrator.

that username IS an admin… or do u mean ‘t3h daddy’ admin??

[edit] iv tried giving the “Administrator” a password and using that loginname but it still gives me
“Error 1609. An error occurred while applying sercurity settings. Administrator\Administrator is not a valid user or group. This could be a problem with the package, ord a problem connecting to a domain controller on the network. Cheak your network connectip and click R…” < and it stops there, and gives me options to Retry or Cancel

What OS, do you have a network, how is it set up.

there is a cheat … :wink:

During the service install, the default username gets put in, just place a “1” in the password boxes and click next. Then start>run>services.msc and the service called BOINC, double click to open properties, goto the logon tab and then select the “radio button” logon as desktop user (or words to that effect). The installer will now be happy that it can start the service :slight_smile:


Thankie people :)…

will just have to hope its completly hidden now :slight_smile:

Well other thins you could do is run Churnch3r’s Optimimized App and/or trux’s Calbrating Cleint