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  1. Benchmarking *Updated 22nd Nov’2002
  2. RMA’s Returns *Updated 28th Apr’2003
  3. Links to Online Stores
  4. TPR Members Hardware Showcase
  5. NitRAM’s guide to building a PC.
  6. Interesting Hardware/Mod Related Links/Top info/usefultips *Updated 15th Nov’2005
  7. Modding Hardware Links


[li]TPR Seti benchmark Run by Mr Mulda
[li]BenchmarkHQ - Lots of different benchmarks to stress that CPU.
[li]PiFast Challenge Results Table

[u]RMA Returns[/u]

Has your IBM died and started making a funny noises?
if so use the link below to get it RMA’d. *{Update - RMA’s for IBM Drives now handled by ‘Hitachi’ }


TPR Hardware Reviews Index


  1. Prometeia Review - By Gandelf

  2. Neptune VS Atlantis Water Block compare - By madDragon

  3. Pushing the IT7-MAX2 to the Max with a 1.8A - By Gibbo

  4. Swiftech MCX462+T (TEC cooling on air) by Jeff F

  5. Deep Impact by Bibby

  6. PC Power & Cooling Bay-Cool 3 review by colossusx


Links to Online Stores

Need to shop :nod: unsure what Computer Hardware Shops
are out there?

Then take a look at look at this Thread…

[li]Click to see list[/li][/ul]

TPR Members Hardware Showcase

They are mad they are bad and they belong to TPR Members :nod:…

[li]Introducing the CRUNCHY HOG

Other members Farms can be found here…
inc… The Crunchy Hog / Gandelf’s Greyhound / Maojc Stompinator

Interesting Hardware/Mod Related Links/Top info/usefultips

Interesting Web links to useful Hardware related tips/info.

[li]T/Bred/Pally Stepping codes @
[/li][li]Vmods @ Oc-forums
[/li][li]AMD Bridges Decoding’s
[/li][li]Fan specs inc noise - [Found by Gandelf]
[/li][li]ultimate Bios settings Guide

Below is for link to places that are useful for sourcing parts
to do those custom mods.

If you have any additions that you feel worthwhile please feel
free to send PM.

[li]For the Best LED’s