The Lifemappers are now #5!!!

:thumbsup: Congratulations guys!!! :cheers:

Well done, Guys. We have a very real shot at being the number 1 team in the world in this project :eek:

Won’t be long I think. :nod:

#1 here we come! :scared:

W00T full steam ahead!

Good going guys :thumbsup: the number one spot will be ours :slight_smile:


Congrats team! :thumbsup:

… wish I could help out more, I have two work machines running but my home machines are out of bounds 'cause of dial-up connection :rolleyes:
Well done to all, there’s some mighty fine crunching going on :nod:

Very nice going indeedy:nod:

Top crunching fella’s :smiley:

:banana: :banana: :banana:

Great job TPR, keep crunching!

From your friendly neighbourhood Possums.