The moon is orbiting wrong

“Well, folks, This situation is getting hard to be glib about. What I witnessed last night was very wrong. Read on and you will see that there is something serious going on here.”


Greetings, Cliff

I Watched the moon come up last night. I used “clock” positions about 8:30p.m. and it was pretty near a 7:00 positon on the clock. Got up about 2:30, again looked at the moon, it had only reached the approximate of 1:00am on the “clock” …? Something is wrong here! Wonder if the earth is slowing down in her rotations? If so, this might explain the “shifting of the N. Pole” and slowly slipping out of “orbit”…

Greetings VKD!

YES! I saw EXACTLY the same thing. It took forever for the moon to move.

The Transit of the moon was, (according to the US Navy chart, at 3:30 AM. Yet, the moon had barely moved a quarter of the way across the sky by 3:30 AM, much less passed it’s meridian!

Not only that, but it is in a very odd trajectory. It is moving up from extremely low on the Southeastern horizon and moving to the West, north west at a skewed angle.

This flattened trajectory was even more pronounced last night than ever before. You are right. Everyone needs to sit up and pay attention to this!



Last night’s moon was late again as usual

Here are the numbers for my latitude and longitude:

According to the US Navy Chart Moon rise was due at 12:41 AM May 8, 2004.

However, the moon did not rise until 1:33 AM.

That’s a difference of 52 min. compared to 47 the day before and 43 the day before that. There is a common ratio here of a five min. increase each time.


Now, for the kicker. Not only did Mr. Loony Moony rise late, but once again he moved 4 degrees farther west at the point of rising! Point of rising was at 124 degrees east, southeast off of magnetic north.

Think about that for a moment! That is only 56 degrees away from DUE south!

Why is the moon rising at this latitude only 56 degrees away from due south with less than 6 weeks to go before the summer solstice? By now, that sucker should have been transiting high in the sky. Since the moon is supposed to be in a more or less equatorial orbit, that means that once the northern hemisphere begins to tilt away from the sun, the moon will disappear from view all together in no time at all.

Here’s an off the wall thought!

You don’t suppose someone knows something we don’t, and is moving the moon into a safe orbit?

Either that, or the Earth has developed a very pronounced wobble.

One thing is for sure. This “ain’t” normal!

I have a bad feeling about this. I have never seen the moon in such a flat and angled trajectory.

I may have to buy some futures on Green Cheese!


Bibby. What are you on :smiley:

Cliff is back.

Greetings all:

Seven of Nine writes to us from out on the Gulf of Mexico.

Seven of Nine is a natural born skeptic. I have known him for many years. He is happy to provide me with a reality check from time to time. There are times that I suspect he views that undertaking as “Job One”!

Now, as for my recent articles concerning events taking place on (or to) our moon:

He and I have already gone round and round on this subject, until in the interest of fairness, he agreed to do some observations of his own. The deal was that I would grovel abjectly if he was unable to substantiate or otherwise find evidence to support my claims concerning what seems to be happening to Earth’s moon.

This morning I received the below enclosed email.

Knowing the methodic, exacting, and no nonsense nature of the author as I do, I find to my surprise, that I am more alarmed by his tenative confirmation than I am by my own initial observations!

But first:

Last night, here at my northern latitude so much farther up on the old ball, (48th parallel) The moon was again late. I clocked it at 48 min. tardy.
It is still rising farther to the west each night. That is SO WRONG! The poor thing is slunk down so far on the southern horizen and crossing at such a low angle to the northwest that it is as if the world has almost turned sideways. As I stated in my article, yesterday, The moon is not that many more degrees away from rising out of due south!

By the way, the difference in times between my observation last night and the observations of Seven of Nine lie in the fact that the globe is substantially smaller in diameter at this lattitude.

Although, naturally inclined to “understatement” Seven of Nine’s final sentences in his email echo my sentiments wholeheartedly! …

Ladies and Gentlemen, events may soon prove that:

“More than Houston” has a BIG problem!



I am located at 91 degress 53 minutes W Longitude and 28 degrees 34 minutes N Lattitude facing the compass at 221 degrees.

If my preliminary observations hold true then the moon at my position will set approximately 1hr 23 minutes late relative to the U.S. Naval Observatory time schedule. Additionally, as far as I can tell it is transiting about 37 degrees off the southern horizon which puts its rising point at 180 degrees or due south, and its set point at 270 degrees, or due west. I am not familiar with the equinox paralaxes for this lattitude but even this far south, as the tilt of the earth travels around the sun, it is my understanding that the rising point should advance to the north as we approach summer and towards the south as we approach winter, not further south and the set point should advance to the east, not the west. Tell me if I am wrong.

In any event it appears that the moon is indeed late and may well be in the wrong place. This is not something we should be relaxed about. Orbital changes in planetary sized bodies of this magnitude are, at the least, disturbing.

Resistance is Lunacy,

Seven of Nine

Hi all;

What’s all this I’m reading about the moon rising at the wrong time and place?


Date: May 09, 2004 at 20:42:33
From: JTRIV, [] 68...19
Subject: Moon’s orbit

Hi Roger,

People have been making such claims for a while now. The moon is right where it should be as the recent eclipse shows.


Ref: Moon is where it should be???

Perhaps “Jim” would like to enlighten us in more than one sentence as to why he thinks the moon is exactly where it should be?

And please do explain why this moon which you can set a swiss watch to is an hour and 23 minutes late rising and setting.
Why is that “Jim” whoever you are?

Is “Jim” right and all the rest of us stupid? I somehow don’t think so but if we are, then so are the geoscience sites that give the precise times of the moon rises and moon sets according to longitude and latitude.

Go see for yourself at the link below and calculate you own. Or just type moonrise, moonset into a search engine.

Australian Geoscience

Nice try “Jim”.

… so what you’re saying is that we are all getting “mooned”?..

You folks all live too far North for the Sun, or anything else, to rise in the East and set in the West.

I can explain it but it would take a while to put into words concise enough for a posting here. My brain isn’t up to the challenge at the moment.

so is the moon going to fly out into space, the horrible result being that we shall no longer be able to see where we are going as we stagger home after a late night pi$$ up (and something about the tides blah blah), or is it going to crash into us, in which case the first consequence wouldnt matter much anyway :smiley:

Flashlight sales will be up… buy stock now…

Flashlight sales will be up… buy stock now…


@Bibby - what are you on? and where can i get some? :smiley:

LOL sounds scary…altho if ignor we could all be doomed i tell ya.

If the moon was not rising at the correct times, the tides would all be running at the incorrect times.

This is not the case.

You can’t hide that fact, they are as regular as clockwork.

No, seriously. I just went outside at 5:00 in the morning and was surprised to find that the light I had seen from the kitchen was not the twilight before sunrise, but the full moon. Outside (I’m gonna go recheck) at 5:20am the moon is 10 degrees North of west (based on magnetic north) and still rather high in the sky. If I had to approximate, I would say it was about an hour from setting. In Denver, that is sooner because of the mountains in the West. The last time I noticed the moon was the last time it was a sliver of a crescent, and it was about to set 10-20 degrees SOUTH of due west. I expect in the winter time that both the moon and the sun rise and set further North and arc lower in the sky, but if it follows a standard winter trajectory, it will set very close to true north. THIS IS WRONG! OK, not wrong, as it IS happening, but certainly not what I am used to, and I have watched these things all my life. I have been up all night (sober you douche’s ;)), but I will stay up until it sets and get the set point for it as well as the rise point of the sun just in case this is really screwey, and I hope to God that it isn’t. Good looking out.

BTW, I found this forum because when I saw this I immediately came in and googled “moon in the wrong place,” which revealed this thread. I do hope that I am crazy or inattentive, though, because I need a consistent moon cycle in order to know which women to avoid at shich times during the month, you know? No disrespect, ladies.

-some dude

I just realized how old this post is, and that helped me to realize that you guys are in the northern hemisphere, like me. Anybody still think something is wrong, 2.5 years later?

Paying attention,
-some dude

LOL! Wow, this is an old thread. No, I don’t think anything is wrong… I’m pretty sure we’ve all gotten over the “mooning incident” :smiley:

[QUOTE=thesimulacre;361402]BTW, I found this forum because when I saw this I immediately came in and googled “moon in the wrong place,” which revealed this thread.
-some dude[/QUOTE]

Chances are that if you googled “Moon in the wrong place” and all you got was our forum then there is nothing wrong… if CNN popped up then we might have a problem. I checked a site regarding tide levels (a Canadian site but the moon has a global effect anyways) and all is normal.

I’m not entirely sure on this but my guess is that the light from the moon had been skewed by the atmosphere making it appear in a different spot than where it should be (like a straw in a glass of water). I have no evidence to back that up but it seems plausible (at least to me) lol :smiley:

or Bibby was just having a Judge Flores-type windup?

[QUOTE=thesimulacre;361404]I just realized how old this post is, and that helped me to realize that you guys are in the northern hemisphere, like me. Anybody still think something is wrong, 2.5 years later?

Paying attention,
-some dude[/QUOTE]

Dear poster, I found your thread only today, but yesterday I too noticed the most perculurar tradjectory of the moon. Observing from South West England I was travelling North and was quite shocked to see the Moon rise from what must have been a very steep North-easterly direction. I too have been a watcher of the moon and stars for most of my life and have never seen anything like this before, it did at first rise through the atmosphere possibly distorting as well as colouring the moon red. It sent a shiver down my spine as it sounded strikingly like something that the Bible predicts (the moon turning to red, loosing its orbit and falling fromt he sky, or whatever). A few month ago my father mentioned something about the moon being out of place. Could there be something that the scientists aren’t telling us about climate change?

In the mean time, I must do some more research.


I saw a werewolf the other night on the full moon… :uhh: But then again…it might have been the whiskey I was drinking… :spit:

I can’t believe that someone actually resurrected this post… :doh:

Here’s ya moon that is out of orbit— :moon::Orbit: