The music thread

Ok guys, seen something similar to this somewhere, just a thread to say what your listening to, or chat about music in general.

I start off with what song I’m listening to now.

Cold - It’s All Good

Great group, IMHO. Favorite song from them has to be “End Of The World” from their album “13 Ways To Bleed On Stage”. Anybody else listen to them?

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Anybody else listen to them?

Yes and they do indeed rock.

This morning I was listening to the very excellent HIM. First time I’ve listened to any of their stuff and they’re a kind of mix between Paradise Lost and Radiohead! Bizarre but it works.

I’ve also been listening to Queen Adreena this morning and will be listening to Murderdolls on the way home from work.

I am listening to Focus, The Enid and Deep Purple :slight_smile:

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I am listening to Focus, The Enid and Deep Purple :slight_smile:

Do you have the album “Mother Focus” ? :chuckle:

Yup :slight_smile:

Anyone else here not a rocker? :stuck_out_tongue:

ermm anything really, Rage against the machine - simply awesome. and lots of other stuff like pod, pantera, iron maiden, metallica, sum41 :-o, eminem, 50 cent, rem, a bit of david gray and moby, also like paul weller - days of speed:)

Used to be a mad metaller when I was at school…when it was proper metal, lol. :headbang: Still listen to it now though.

However, I much prefer stuff like Biosphere, Pete Namlook, and Aphex Twin.

Me likes ambient. :o

I’m not a complete rocker anymore. These days I listen to lots of Blues, Motown and 60’s R&B as well as Zeppelin, the Black Crowes, Hendrix etc.

Nope, not just a rocker. Also listen to a little country, rap, and r&b. Speaking of this…

Ludacris - Rollout :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m with O’Borg:D

listening to the brothers johnson - strawberry Letter.

it’s been in my head all night after seeing that diet coke advert on the tele :slight_smile:

relaxing with

Cambridge Singers ~ Hail Gladdening Light - Charles Wood

hhmmzz that finished, now onto

Nunc Dimittis in D - Charles Wood

having a bit of a quality choral music evening


Current fav’s:


last cd I bought: Kraftwerk - Tour De France Soundtracks


Stevie Nicks
Pink Floyd
Jethro Tull
and any other old rock tunes

My favorite artists/groups right now would have to be;

Staind - All four of their albums are great, esp the last three.

Cold - Have three of their CD’s (Cold, 13 Ways […], and Year of the Spider)

Linkin Park - All three of their CD’s are pretty good. Don’t like some of the re-mixes on Re-Animation, but Runaway is good on both.

no wonder i’m a slightly ‘mixed up’ person…

…currently listening to Sisters of Mercy :cool: and Dj Tiesto :boggle:

such a sweet mix of Gothic Rock and Hard House

Evanescence - Bring Me To Life

Great song, they really did a good job with this one. A few other good songs on their Cd “Fallen” too.

I’m going to have to have a listen to “HIM”, don’t think I’ve ever heard any of their stuff.

Yeah I’m into Evanescence at the moment, still listen to Nickleback :slight_smile:

Careful tho, best make it funny or the powers that be wont be amused.

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Careful tho, best make it funny or the powers that be wont be amused.

ok then, I’m listening to Blaster Bates (laughter with a bang) :smiley: