The new November "Night Owl" thread

Its 3.59am and I’ve just completed a Dark Throne stomping session, giving me more horses & houses. Sweet!! :bounce:

Now I’m off to bed :o …It’s Saturday. Bliss!!

Only 12:11 here. Been drinking just a wee bit (not buzzing much yet even), but I’ve still got a lot to go. Also just got through playing a little bit of darts.:smiley:

Going to the last football game of the season later today, up aways from here, so going to leave around 10 and do a little site-seeing up there.

Morning :slight_smile:

Morning m8 :wavey:

he mentioned darts ooooh, :wave:,
you can play darts but you’ll never be an original darts tart like us :stuck_out_tongue:


3:26am here doing alttle morning reading :slight_smile:
and it’s always a good time to do some Darkthrone farming :smiley:

:stuck_out_tongue: Never said I was…Had to wash some clothes tonight, so decided to pull an all-nighter…3:38am right now, little less than 4 1/2 hours until first class. Skipping 9am class…Figure out how to stay awake until my 12:10 class. Then off to Genoa, Ar with a couple of friends to the homecoming (that’s where one of them went to grade school).