The New OGame New Members Thread

Welcome to all the new members of the Ogame [tpr] alliance.
And a little wave to those who are thinking of joining but haven’t yet decided to leave sanity behind in exchange for a whole lot of fun :wavey:

Team Background: Seven years ago team Phoenix rising was formed as a DC crunching team for SETI. Over the years we have branched off to several other DC projects including folding@home, Rosetta, SIMAP as well as many other BOINC and non-BOINC projects. Aside from that it is a very active community of like minded computer enthusiests. Team Phoenix rising also plays a number of online games including Ogame.

Ogame: Team phoenix Rising (TPR) was formed on March 23rd 2005 in Universe 2. In addition to the public ogame forum, there is also our “hidden” forum where TPR ogamers are very active discussing strategy and plans. You can request trades, spy info, help with troublesome neighbours … just ask, we’re here for each other.

Dec 2008 - Due to many longstanding members deciding to call it a day on the Ogame front, TPR eventually found itself with only one member. The TPR wing was therefore formally ‘promoted’ to take the place of the main alliance, thus continuing the tradition of Ogame Uni 2 having a TPR alliance :slight_smile:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the players who have passed through the ranks of TPR for making the game a fun and interesting venture, boy did we have some laughs guys :smiley: and I hope there are more along the way :tiphat:

Current Universe 2 Key players: MrTFWitt and Wolram

Joining TPR isn’t just Ogame, it’s a community. If you’re in TPR, you’re among friends. :slight_smile:

History of TPR as an ogame alliance.

War’s gone Null & void but not forgotten

TPR vs Advisors ~ A fun war when ogame in TPR was in its infancy, i suppose we lost but much experience and knowledge was gained.

War’s Concluded {15/08/07} ~ Wrath Vs TPR
After a well fought battle on both fronts a mutual respect between both alliances has been formed and the war between two great alliances has been put to rest. Friendships and player/alliance respect has been formed/gained on both sides and we wish Wrath all the best in Ogame :slight_smile:

War’s Concluded {27/08/07} ~ TPR Vs PaX
War Terminated - conditions were met by PaX to end war on a mutual basis - everyone winners in this war :slight_smile:

War’s Concluded {18/09/07} ~ No1 Vs TPR Mutually concluded.

War’s Conluded {20/11/07} ~ TPR vs Grogmen terminated via surrender of Grogmen.

TPR vs DPirates… a war where not a lot happened really.