The Official TPR PIfast Challenge Thread

Well the PIfast Challenge returns :slight_smile: If you have not yet seen the
sticky then click here… Read the Sticky

And this is the official TPR Pifast Thread, post here your PIfast
Snapshots & Computer Specs.

I will attempt to update as much as possible in the early stages
just to get the table going after that expect Daily Updates after

To submit your Pifast Bench or to Download the PIfast program
click here… Pifast Challenge

Well I better start it off here is mine Done on a Asus A7N8X Deluxe when I first got it running 2638 Mhz
with Corsair C2 ram @211 FSB at 5-2-2-2 timings

Are you going public with this? :wink: If so… a post over at XtremeSystems may be in order. :smiley:

Here 1st m8y just to iron out any bugs then we let loose :smiley:
Well shall all have a chat tommorrow or is that later today :smiley:

So get submitting :slight_smile:

Roger dodger. :smiley:

The comment field is required? I had to fill in every field to get the score to go through. :confused:

Sorted :slight_smile:

Looks like M@tt has already started pimping… err… telling everyone about the new PiFast Challange. I saw a post over at XS already. :smiley:

Originally posted by Jeff F.
Looks like M@tt has already started pimping… err… telling everyone about the new PiFast Challange. I saw a post over at XS already. :smiley:

only after PMM was ready, please feel free to pimp a bit if you want Mr jeff :slight_smile:

Ideal is to have prop. PIfast threads on forums making sure
those that can submit a screen snapshot :slight_smile: do so.

And also to tell PMM the url of thread so me can monitor:)

Get to work.

Here is my screen shot, to keep everything above board

Just run it on a dual pentium pro @233 :stuck_out_tongue:

890.64 seconds :lol:

just shows how far we have progresed in the last five years

Submit it :smiley:

Submited :smiley:

Does the result show up immediatly<sp>
or later ??

once its check & validated or when I pull me finger out and
check me in box :smiley:

Should be up in a bit :slight_smile:

up :slight_smile:

Okay, no ideas on this but I’ll run it anyway having a vested interest in PI and other such things, including chaos theory :smiley: :rolleyes:

Also, this is literally from memory.
3.14159265358979323846264338327980466 <-- not sure if the last digit is rounded right but there you go…

Also… Has anyone seen the film “PI”? Same director who did “Requiem for a dream” but came first. I have it on DVD and could post it if people are interested :slight_smile:

My best so far…

Series computing time 119.74
Division 15.42
InvSqrt 12.31
Final huge mult 6.04

Total 154.08

from an AMD Tbird 1GHz @ 1.4GHz / 512 / XP

On a Dell optiplex GX240.

Enter FFT Size in k :
Compressed output (also useful to specify output format) ? [0=No, 1=Yes] :
Total Physical Memory Allocated = 61372 Kbytes
Computing series with index N=705226
Starting step 6
Starting step 5 …
Starting step 4 …
Starting step 3 …
Starting step 2 …
Starting step 1 …
Starting step 0 …
Series computing time : 136.86
Division time : 15.09
InvSqrt time : 9.83
Final huge multiplication time : 6.02

Total computation time : 169.61 seconds(~ 0.05 hours)
Writing informations into file pi.txt

Thanks Guys for the submissions

The more the merrier :slight_smile: