The Playstation3 CELL cpu running Gentoo!!

The Gentoo team have got themselves a working distro to run on the ps3 :smiley:

crunching heaven ???


Credits to SLiM to pointing this one out :thumbsup:


Slightly misleading title there :stuck_out_tongue: gives impression that Gentoo is running on PS3 hardware, whereas it looks like they have a build of Gentoo that will run on a simulation of Cell as used in PS3 and elsewhere. Still, it’s a step forwards and everyone can wait for the hardware to start existing.

PS3 is probably the worst choice for a cruncher, from all the talk it sounds like they put just about everything in it as standard and it’s gonna cost a lot. Maybe a few years down the line it’ll be bulk affordable but I’d guess Cell wont be so cutting edge then.

Given that Sony have released PS2 Linux officially, hopefully a PS3 version is not out of the question.

I don’t care so much for consoles, but isn’t the Nintendo thing supposed to use Cell or similar too? That should be a lot cheeper as their talk is about optimising it as a gaming machine and not a does everything box.

And even if we get Cell and on the assumption that projects will be written to use it, I’m finding it hard to make performance comparisons. Think it might be a while before we understand its relative strengths and weaknesses.