The Prodigal Son

Thought I’d pop in and say hello and look for some old friends :slight_smile:


Spesh !!!

OY less of the old :wink:

How’s tricks?

Tricks are good mate :slight_smile:

I got a message via email about the TPR Gallery i set up years ago, so thought id pop in and see what was happening :+1:

It seems a bit quiet!

Lots moved away to other platforms and some just moved from crunching as it became so simple.

Recent media outrage on personal data and all this GDPR stuff meant a revamp of the site, so I’m trying to track a few people down whilst also going through old threads tidying up.

Nice to know that the tidying after the import has kept email notifications though if that’s what prompted you. I may have to compose an email to all members and see how many come back to take a peek at the work done by my eldest moving to this new platform.

He’s done alright - it’s so much faster and more up to date than vBulletin in my opinion.

I like it, it looks lovely and clean and easy to follow:+1:

After reading some of the threads this evening, I’m getting more of a clearer picture of how active membership has dwindled over the years…not a fault of TPR, but probably more of a social media impact in general i guess

Welcome back!!!

Oi DT!!! What’s this 20 character minimum on posts???


Default setting now altered to 6

oi oi :bananawave:

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woo hoo - another nutter to chat with :smiley:

Nutter at your service :smiley:

Nutters, none of those in here.
They are always on the bus, rocking gently and mumbling.

That or re-visiting EU-II for a few minutes before they remembered its now EU-III.
I managed 5 minutes in chat before getting muted…

Howdy strangers

Boom boom

Looks like the forum revamp has somehow managed to wake up a few slackers!!!