The Project for the week

So this week I have a week off work (ish)

So Friday the new kitchen arrived in 50odd boxes… :frowning:

By Saturday morning the old kitchen (one side) had been gutted, found the cladding I had put up 9 years ago had done the job of holding the plaster on the wall… :frowning:

Yesterday - all but two of the cabinets made, the plaster stripped back, the walled allowed to dry a bit - covered in PVA and the big holes filled with mortar. Two cabinets on the wall, went to do the third and on taking out the box is damaged :furious:

So all in all, going well :lol: spose I best get off my bum and go do some more…


Having fun DT? :chuckle:

yeah it’s hilarious …

watching plaster dry now :smiley: :lol:

then of course there is the other project for the week of using all my accumulated turns in DarkThrone :chuckle: completing Lego Star Wars :lol: and :stomp: Curly @ Folding :smiley:


I feel for DT, So far my weekend has been spent dong the following

  1. removing the last vestages of the office, sorting stuff for the donation box, packing the last of the farm components, shelving and the rest of the goodies away in the garage, hall and any other flat spot available.
  2. pulled the AC unit out of the window and found a place to store it.
  3. patched all the holes in the wall made from the shelving mounting
  4. Peeled back the carpet and pad and binned it. Nasty part about that is found evidence of termites, There a big bill in the offing to take care of that problem.
  5. assembed some of the relocated office so I can get back online.

Today, is finish the paint prep, tape the celing fan, buy paint and new carpet paing the ceiling and the trim…

Tomorrow will be finsh the paint after the ceiling and trim have dried.